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Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned, neglected and abused animals and thoughtfully placing them in safe and loving foster and permanent homes. We are committed to promoting local spay neuter programs, which ultimately eases needless suffering in our animal community.

Adoptable Pets

Benji the snuggle pup is looking for a forever home! He is 6 years old, neutered, up to date on shots. He has a rather high pitched bark, but he's quiet as a mouse when he's cuddled on your lap, which is all he wants to do. Benji goes straight to his bed at night and stays quiet all night long. He would be happiest with someone who is home most of the time. He enjoys other small dogs as playmates. If you are interested in adopting Benji, please fill out an adoption application. We will arrange a home visit, which is part of our application process. The application does not obligate you to adopt. It just allows us to get the process started.


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Golden Bone’s Furever Foster Program

Remembering the forgotten ones, making the unwanted feel wanted, and giving a sanctuary to those who have nowhere else to go.

At the Golden Bone Rescue we believe every dog is more than just a pet, they are our companions, our friends, our family. We believe that all dogs deserve a home, and a chance at a life filled with love and comfort, no matter how sick, old, dependent or unwanted they are.

What happens when someone from your family falls ill or reaches the extremity of their senior years? What happens when they are at their most vulnerable, when they need your help, your love? When they need urgent care to survive? Or they have no one else to turn to and ultimately nowhere else to go? Would you give up on them? Kick them to the curb? Let them pass in pain, alone and frightened?

We would imagine you would do everything you could to see that they got the best help and care possible, that their dignity remained intact and they felt loved, appreciated and looked after no matter what the price… that every minute, hour, or day was seen as a precious moment of life right up until the last- That as long as they could live in comfort, then you would take comfort in helping them live.

At Golden Bone we recognize that every moment of life is a precious gift. We realize that you can’t put a price on life, and that every living soul, unwanted or not, deserves dignity. Through our Furever Foster program we strive to ensure that the dogs we come across who are abandoned, neglected and are too sick or old to be rehomed get the care, the compassion and the dignity that any family member or family pet would hope to get… no matter what the cost.

Over the years the program has seen us take in countless dogs who have no hope anywhere else- some of the dogs we take in are simply too sick, too injured, or too old to be noticed let alone adopted. Countless people pass them by without even blinking an eye- they are the forgotten ones, the unwanted ones- the ones who have nowhere else to go. Whether they have weeks, months, or years left in life, whether they need medicine, surgery or daily intensive care, we take them in and give them a sanctuary, a home, and the care they need until the final moments. Furthermore we make sure those moments are spent in comfort, surrounded by people who care, and recognize that the final moments in life are just as important and sacred as the first - that every sunset should be just as filled with warmth, love and light as every sunrise.

Every dog deserves dignity, and every canine companion deserves compassion, right until the end. Unfortunately however, when a dog is most at need, the price of a comfortable and dignified life can be steep, and the rescue has recently seen a quick succession of Furever Foster dogs in serious need of urgent care. We have done everything we can for all of them, providing homes, care, food, medication, surgery, transport- as a result our funds and finances have been massively stretched and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

To give help where it is most needed, to make the unwanted feel wanted and to make sure a life that would otherwise be lost is lived with love, compassion and respect, please visit our website and donate. You can’t put a price on life, but every cent you donate will prolong a life and make sure it is lived with love till the last.

Thank you for your support, care and consideration.

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Donations of any size would be so greatly appreciated and are urgently needed now.

"Can you help one of our special pets in need?

"Our Furever Foster program just took a beating with several emergencies and very neglected dogs needing immediate attention. Please help if you can. Donations of any size would be so greatly appreciated and are urgently needed now.

By using the button above or snail mail to the following address:

Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab

PO BOX 2547

Sedona, AZ. 86336-6135

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Spay / Neuter

Please donate for spay and neuter! Our funds are very low. We desperately need to rebuild our resources so that we can continue to chip away at the huge problem of puppies being born with no where to go.

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To donate an item all you have to do is click on the link, pick an item you would like to purchase for donation to Golden Bone, and then pay. The item will automatically be shipped to our PO Box address in Sedona.

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Finding safe havens for homeless, abandoned and abused domestic pets because they are precious.