Having enough fosters determine if we can get an animal out of a dangerous and neglectful situation quickly. It determines whether an animal will live or die. Bringing an animal into your home to care for and love until we find the perfect forever home is a loving and generous act.

Find out if fostering is right for you. Fill out a foster form here. One of the most satisfying things you can do is to see your Foster Animal find a wonderful permanent home.

It takes a special person to let an animal go after fostering and falling in love. Of course many fosters will adopt their first foster animal with the realization that you must let them go to be able to save more animals is a powerful motivator.

Would you like to be a foster?

If you are interested in Fostering, please know that Golden Bone will provide donation money to cover all veterinary bills and medication costs. We will also supply food and any supplements deemed necessary.

Sometimes fostering is more than a temporary home for an animal. Because so many abandoned animals have had a rough start, the foster home acts as a halfway house to prepare them for a normal loving home setting. It often is the cure for a behaviorally challenged dog who needs special training before being placed in a permanent home.

So, if you are that special person who'd like to foster one of our beautiful animals, please contact us and fill out our foster application form!


Foster Application

Foster Application

Medical Assistance Animals

Information on pets in need of emergency medical help.


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Please donate for spay and neuter! Our funds are very low. We desperately need to rebuild our resources so that we can continue to chip away at the huge problem of puppies being born with no where to go.

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To donate an item all you have to do is click on the link, pick an item you would like to purchase for donation to Golden Bone, and then pay. The item will automatically be shipped to our PO Box address in Sedona.

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