Foster Animals

Every animal who is fostered is immediately out of harms way and is one step closer to finding its loving forever home. It is probably the MOST IMPORTANT gift you can give an animal whose only other choice very often is death.

Golden Bone pays for all necessary shots and spaying and neutering. We can provide transport and food as well as behavioral assistance if needed.

Will it be hard to let go? You’ll probably fall in love with your new family member, but will quickly feel very fulfilled when you see just how happy they’ll be in their permanent new loving homes.

Transport Animals

Sometimes we need an animal picked up from shelters to be taken into foster or brought to the vet or adoption events. All gas expenses are reimbursed.

Adoption Events

Sometimes we need an animal picked up from shelters to be taken into foster or brought to the vet or adoption events. All gas expenses are reimbursed.

Home Checkers and Follow Ups

Volunteers needed throughout the Verde Valley to visit and assess the homes of potential applicants for safety and compatibility. The follow up consists of a phone call and visit to homes of those who have adopted through Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab.


We need a volunteer trainer who uses positive reinforcement training methods only to work with some of our dogs.


Telephone Work

Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab gets lots of calls We need Volunteers to pick one or two days a week when they will pick up phone message, call the people back, or forward the message to the proper staff person

Computer Work

Database Creation & Upkeep: We are looking for computer savvy volunteers to help us create a user friendly database. Would upkeep our Petfinder site.


Creative volunteers are needed to help make flyers and marketing materials.

Veterinary Liaison

A volunteer who would facilitate an agreement between Golden Bone Rescue & rehab and one or two veterinarians for low cost spay/neuter, tests, shots, and treatment.


Grant writing is an important source of funds. Join the team at Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab and get a thrill when the grant you write pays off!

General Office Work

We are looking for someone who can do some filing, help organize the files, create and/or maintain a vet file, organize donations, and keep track of where various items are and/or where they are needed.

Media Work

We need someone who can write and submit press releases to various media outlets and send occasional eblasts to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce

Volunteer Volunteer 

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

Medical Assistance Animals

Information on pets in need of emergency medical help.


We can help!

Find a new home for your pet?



To help a pet in need.

Donate Volunteer Foster

Monetary Donations

may be mailed to:

Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab, Inc.
P O BOX 2547
Sedona, Arizona 86339

Spay / Neuter

Please donate for spay and neuter! Our funds are very low. We desperately need to rebuild our resources so that we can continue to chip away at the huge problem of puppies being born with no where to go.

Golden Bone's new

Amazon Wish List


To donate an item all you have to do is click on the link, pick an item you would like to purchase for donation to Golden Bone, and then pay. The item will automatically be shipped to our PO Box address in Sedona.

Need help, have questions, want to pre-arrange a donation?



Finding safe havens for homeless, abandoned and abused domestic pets because they are precious.