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Must be submitted by owner before we will accept the dog into our program. Please be sure you are serious about relinquishing your dog before involving the program's time and energies.

Thank you for entrusting your precious dog to our rescue program so that he or she may have a new life. We realize there are many good reasons for relinquishment and respect those decisions. Giving your dog this opportunity is an act of love, and you are definitely doing the right thing. Some owners fear that we will put down their dogs when they come into rescue. Please rest assured: we are a dedicated "no kill" rescue program for dogs who need us, and we love all our dogs. Our mission is to care for your dog, and find him or her the best family possible for a great match.

No relinquishment will be considered final until the animal is evaluated by a Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab evaluator.

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Information on pets in need of emergency medical help.


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Please donate for spay and neuter! Our funds are very low. We desperately need to rebuild our resources so that we can continue to chip away at the huge problem of puppies being born with no where to go.

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