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Finding safe havens for homeless, abandoned, abused domestic pets
... because they're precious.
Hercules, Co-Founder
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Hank - Catahoula/Cattle Dog mix
Catahoula/Cattle Dog mix

Hank is 12 years old. He's a fine, active, senior gentleman Catahoula/Cattle Dog mix. His mom took wonderful care of him and loves him deeply but she became very ill and nearly died. She has had a long road to recovery and now cannot live with the pathogens in a home with animals. She lost her career, her home, and nearly her life and has not seen her beloved boy for a year. He has been in a home-boarding-foster since his mom was taken to the hospital in Wyoming where Hank still lives. He has been cared for well but his time there is up. Hank loves to be around women and is a mamas boy by nature. We have a pilot willing to transport Hank to his loving forever home ANYWHERE in the U.S.

This sweet boy loves to be around his people and will never go far from the person he's bonded too. He wants to be at ready by his owner's side. He loves walks and is wonderful both on and off leash. He also loves water and loves to swim. Hank is used to acreage and loves outdoor time as well as indoor home time with his person.

Hank is very protective of his people but not in an aggressive way. He is steadfast and calm and barks only when warranted. Hank has had extensive training. He is obedient, eager to please and learns new commands easily, even in his senior years. When he bonds with you, he will do anything that you ask with integrity and love.

Hank is very gentle but can be a bit nervous around very young children.He would do best in an adult home or a home with older kids or children who are very dog savvy. he is still an active senior and enjoys hikes and walks. He would love a spacious yard. But most importantly, Hank needs someone who will love him and cherish his loyal companionship. If you are interested in this sweet boy please send us a message! Or via facebook:
Mission Statement 

Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab is a no kill organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected and abused animals and thoughtfully placing them in safe and loving foster and permanent homes. We are committed to promoting local spay and neuter programs, which ultimately eases needless suffering in our animal community.

Why we do what we do

In 2002 co-founders Angela Windolph and Nadia Caillou came together to form Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab in an effort to relieve the suffering of as many animals as possible. Nadia had this notion that she wanted to save a million dogs in her lifetime and so the seed has been planted! WE started with the most difficult cases, with the Baldwin Park Chihuahua case in California (over 270 chis found in deplorable conditions) A group of these Chihuahuas came to us as feral with severe physical and mental conditions. Left to fend for themselves, they resorted to cannibalism. This case opened our eyes. Clearly the need for rehabilitation became as important as finding safe homes for traumatized animals. In fact, we realized none of these animals could be placed in permanent homes until they received the rehabilitation they needed.

Who we are

GBRR is a 501c(3) non-profit group of caring volunteers, board members and supporters who provide community rescue of domestic companion animals. Located in the Verde Valley, we operate solely on individual donations and fundraising proceeds. Thus far, we’ve placed hundreds of needy animals in loving homes.

We believe in providing low cost spay/neuter programs and education in our community for the purpose of reducing the number of unwanted pets. All rescued animals are evaluated for temperament and personality by qualified staff members. This helps us place them in homes that are well suited to their needs and to the needs of the future owners.

We interface with local city, town and county animal control officers to reduce trauma to abused, neglected, an abandoned domestic pets, as well as to provide safe and supervised foster homes for those animals that have been scarred and damaged. We make every attempt to rehabilitate those animals with behavioral issues based on their traumatic life events.

Donations can be mailed to:
Golden Bone
Rescue & Rehab, Inc.
P.O. Box 2547
Sedona, Arizona 86339
or sent online via this website by tapping the Donate button!

"To the world you are just one more rescue person. To a rescued pet, you are the world. "  - Captain James Sabin

Local Heroes

Every once in a while we like to recognize those who go beyond the norm to save animals in need. GBRR thanks Joel at Bark 'N Purr in Sedona for taking in our emergency cases, those who need immediate rescue when we are out of foster room. He's never ever let our pups down. 

Bark 'n Purr 

is located at:
30 Finley Drive
Sedona, AZ 86336-5420
(928) 282-4108

Thank you Cali Bamboo

for supporting Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab with wonderful clean, green, alternative privacy fencing for our rescued dogs! If you're shopping for high quality, eco-friendly and sustainable flooring and fencing and want to shop with a dog-friendly, rescue-supportive company.
Check out Cali Bamboo by clicking on their photo below!

Dog Copilot

Check out this amazing organization:

Thank you Canine Caviar holistic pet food!

At Golden Bone Pet Products, owned by the founders of Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab we are proud to have been recommending selling Canine Caviar since we opened our Camp Verde store 9 years ago.  Now that we're in Sedona it's still one of our best sellers for good reason.

Please visit the Canine Caviar website and see why we recommend this food .

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Golden Bone
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Finding safe havens for homeless, abandoned and abused domestic pets because they're precious
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